MeasureOHM® is a Turnkey Hardware/Software Data Acquisition System that is capable of measuring and recording multiple electrical resistances per test device. Each individual (port) electrical resistance is evaluated with respect to a User defined Min/Max specification resulting in a computer generated (overall) PASS/FAIL displayed result for the test device.

MeasureOHM® is designed to interface to your test device whether it be a RTD sensor, PCBA assembly, or other electro-mechanical device.

2014.01.25 mOHM Website Figure

The MeasureOHM® system offers the following features:

  • Standard 19 inch rack mount Electronics Cabinet (Height = 4U)
  • Up to Eight (8X) device/port resistances measured sequentially (approximately 1.5 seconds between measurements)
  • Wide Resistance Measurement Range: 10 microohms to 100 Megaohms via the integration of a Multiplexed/Switched Fluke 8808A Digital Multimeter
  • Four Wire Resistance Measurement method results in minimizing test lead resistances
  • Use of the mSPECIFY® software utility program which is used to configure and store the test parameters for a specific test part number (up to 100 unique test profiles may be stored)
  • Full traceability of electrical resistance measurements to the test part serial number by logging of all test measurements and results to a MySQL Database with the first year of service provided at no charge.
  • Use of the mDATA® software utility program which is used to data mine and export the stored results in MySQL directly to MicroSoft Excel.
  • Optional implementation of Good and Bad Gage R&R units (daily runs required). This process is a simple way of knowing that your measurement system is setup and running correctly.

The MeasureOHM® System is validated which means that you can easily integrate the System into your ISO 9000 Quality System as part of your Manufacturing Environment.

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