The MeasureOHM® System is capable of storing and logging your test results onto our MySQL Server under a subscription model with a low yearly fee. The first year of this service is provided at no charge with your purchase of the MeasureOHM® System. If your company has its own MySQL server, we are able to supply the necessary MySQL Tables to you and direct the writing of part test data to it from the MeasureOHM® System without recompiling the code.

The MeasureOHM® System compliments your Six Sigma/Continuous Improvement programs by allowing you direct access to the stored test records with our mDATA® software utility program. This utility software program allows you to export your part number test results directly to Microsoft Excel.

mDATA(TM) Screen Shot

The following figure illustrates a sample data export. Please note that you must have a licensed version of Microsoft Excel (2003 or later) installed on your computer.

2015.03.07 mDATA export example