If you are interested in evaluating the MeasureOHM® System before purchasing, our software programs have been written to allow them to run in Simulation Mode. Simulation Mode consists of the following features:

  • Allows you to utilize the mSPECIFY® software utility program to define and modify test configurations as a function of part number
  • Allows you to run the MeasureOHM® Software without the Multiplexer and Fluke 8808A multimeter. In this configuration, the MeasureOHM® Software executes normally but the Hardware portion (Multiplexer and Fluke 8808A Multimeter) are simulated.
  • The MeasureOHM® simulated measurements and timings are very similar to what you can expect when you purchase and utilize the actual MeasureOHM® product. The only difference is that in Simulation Mode the User running the MeasureOHM® Software can force a simulated measurement to FAIL (and/or PASS) via a check box on the the screen.
  • The test configurations that you develop with this DEMO program may be used when you decide to purchase the MeasureOHM® Product. Since there is no hardware installation required for the DEMO program, the process only requires the installation of the SOFTWARE products.

Simulation Mode

To participate in this program, the following steps are required:

  • Obtain the MeasureOHM® and mSPECIFY® software programs from the DOWNLOAD page on this website.
  • Install the MySQL ODBC driver (software and installation instructions are on the DOWNLOAD page). If you are using Windows 7/8, you may need to install a missing DLL driver (MSSTDFMT.DLL) that sometimes is not included as part of the Operating System. Installation instructions and the DLL are also on the DOWNLOAD page of this website.
  • Contact us at and request a DEMO mode setup. We will create the necessary databases and provide you a User Access Code within 24 hours.